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407 French 2

407 French 2

All students of French 2 may choose whether to purchase a digital or physical copy of the French in Action textbook. If you already own the textbook and workbook from last year, or have a used copy, you may bring it to school.

All students in French 2 should purchase a physical workbook as listed.

All students of French will use their own headset for audio practice and recording, both in and out of class. Every student will be expected to bring his/her computer and headset to class every day. Headphones may be purchased in the School Store.
Recommended Language Lab Headphones: Headphones with Built-in Microphone (either earbuds or over-ear acceptable)

Note - Must be 3.5mm jack and not the new lighting connector

Any questions about textbooks, digital learning, or classroom protocols may be directed to Kristin Benjamin, Modern Language Department Chair (